Hi girls! I decided to post in English too because a lot of my Instagram followers aren’t Italians and I’d like that everyone could read and understand my blog.

Today I’m going to reveal my favourites products for the summer! If you’re curious, please keep reading 😜😜

My favourites for the summer 😄


Primer “Vegale”: I don’t know if this product is only available in Italy or if they send in Europe too; anyway I really appreciate this primer (completely biological!) because of the good smell of coconut and also because my makeup lasts for a very long time! Even when it’s really hot outside, my face is perfectly mat 😍 Before applying the primer, you should shake it a little bit and then you can use it easily!

BB cream “so bio Etic”: This BB cream is biological too and I love it because it’s perfect for the summer, in fact it isn’t too heavy on the skin and gives a natural nice look. I like to use it after the primer “Vegale”.

Blush “Essence”: This German Brand is available in North America too, but maybe there aren’t all the collections. Anyway the blush I have is the colour “10-peach me up!” And is perfect when you’re already tanned, but it’s nice even when you’re not because you can modulate the final effect.

Eye primer “Benecos”: I use it as highlighter because I don’t like it as an eye primer. I love it when I am tanned because gives a lovely glowy effect.

Cancelear “match perfection” by Rimmel London: I like it because is “light as a feather” on the skin. 😄 I also use it to highlight and I think it’s a really good product.


Mascara “Better than sex” by Too faced: My favourite mascara ever! It’s dramatic and pigmented, wonderful for volumize the eyelashes.

Eye primer “Kiko cosmetics”: I use it since 2011 and I’m going to keep using it! It’s cheap and helps the eyeshadows to stay perfectly on the eyelid.

Eyeshadows “Nabla”: Super pigmented, peculiar colours and fantastic quality ! This is why I adore these eyeshadows! (On my instagram you can see the swatches 😄) .


Natural shiny lip colours by “Benecos”: It’s a nice lip balm perfect to moisturize and colour the lips. The effect is soft but I think it’s a good choice when you don’t have a lot of time to do your make up or when you want a natural effect “effortlessly chic”.


These were my favourites products for the summer! I hope you girls appreciate this post, if yes please share with your friends and leave a comment below! Thanks for supporting me! 😊